Hello world! Glimpses of Light

29 04 2012

Journeying Towards the Light: Honoring wonderful people!


So I am on a Journey.  This journey started the day I was born and will continue all my life. Sometimes it is a journey of so many directions and twists and turns and roads of possibility and I cannot always explain the meaning of it all.  But I will try, because one thing I do know is that YOU are on a Journey too. You cry too, you laugh too, you want success and meaning, and those special moments in time which I call Glimpses of Light.  So I invite you to come with me on this Journey.

We will turn the “Glimpses” into highlights of ordinary (and yet extraordinary) acts of being human.  Think of the mom who stops for a moment to see her child do something special, or the business entrepreneur who believes in her dream and makes it happen, or the friend who starts to exercise for the first time in her life and loses pounds and pounds of weight, or the teacher who loves other people’s children like her own.  Yes, we are all her.  Those people have names, but they are also YOU and you and you!

This is what I know for sure… We need to stop being “busy” for busy-sake.  We need to take a deep breath, breathe in the day, and go out into the world as a HUMAN BEING! Yes, not a human doing, a human being. I know that everyone wants to feel loved and appreciated and acknowledged if even for a moment! Let’s just care about what makes life precious, not only about the “things” that society tells us to.

So, If you are witness to a kindness, or feel a sense of achievement, or have a glimpse of someone being human please share it here. Is there someone who constantly makes you laugh, despite the weather or your mood. Do you know someone who has inspired you to be a better person or make a life change? Does someone just make you feel positively good?

Oh yes, and you should Watch out, because I might just be honoring you next. 🙂