Honoring the “Lightworkers”.

5 05 2012

When I lived in South Africa, I had a mentor who called herself a “lightworker”.  One day, I asked her what that meant. She, being a very powerful and self-assured woman, told me: Sharice, A lightworker is someone who committs himself or herself to spreading positive energy. They wake up in the morning with the intention to carpe deum! or seize the day. Not only did she do that, but she also intentionally tried to make everyone she came into contact with that day, feel special, and heard, and loved. I have long since lost contact with that life-shaping and inspiring person, but I still see “lightworkers” out there, every day. And, they inspire me to be a better person!

There are too many to name, but I do want to mention several such people on Facebook.  Why? Because they honestly spread good energy on the one social media which really can be used for anything! When I open my facebook and see something which makes me think, or laugh, or even cry, I am grateful that those people took the time to spread the “light”. You never know who’s day you just turned around! You never know the Light you just worked!!!


Vulnerability is the path to being REAL!

2 05 2012

I just watched a TED talk by Brene Brown on Vulnerability and I am blown away.  The reason why I am so immensely touched, is that this sounds like the story of most of our lives. As Brene Brown says, “Vulnerability is the most accurate measurement of courage”. How often do we say something in a meeting, or stand up for what we believe in, or even try a new sport, and what do we feel? Vulnerability! Yes, that IS what we feel, because Vulnerability and Shame are our greatest fears.  What will people think of us? What are people saying about us? Will people like us if we are “honestly ourselves”.  Yes, they will!!!

When I left South Africa for America four years ago, I was terrified.  I felt guilty. I felt grief-stricken. I did not even know how I would drive on the other side of the road. At the same time, I felt excited and I felt proud of myself. I was breaking out of my box.  I was teaching my kids to dream big, and embrace those opportunities!

And, I promised myself one thing: That I would be real! I had not come this far from my home, to be a plastic “face”. I knew that some people would love me and some people would hate me, but I would be vulnerably me.  Only my Vulnerability could drive my Change, and only my Change could drive my Growth. 

Thank you, Ms Brown for  sharing your work! Yes, I am posting your TED Talk for anyone who wants to watch it… and SALUTE their own Vulnerability!!!