Banana Splits

21 06 2012

I sat down with my little girls earlier and I spoke to them about Banana Splits. There is a little guy by the name of Ryan Roberts whose mom has asked for other moms around the world to honor her very, very sick little guy by sharing a special moment that will become a special memory. Her suggestion was to give your kids banana splits for dinner.

So, I called Courtney and Tayla to me and I explained to them that sometimes in life, you need to find the joy in the small things (like banana splits). I explained how death is a part of life and the only way to really live life, is to live it to the fullest. I got to thinking. First I sent prayers and love to the family who in their own pain is inspiring others to make those memories. And then I decided to write a list of all the memories my family is making day by day, year by year.

Yes, going on a rollercoaster in Disneyworld was one, but so was going for a walk on the trail near our home.  Then, there was us feeding the dolphins at Seaworld, taking off training wheels on bicycles, graduating Kindergarten, remembering how my girls helped me when I tore some ligaments in my ankle a few years ago. There was our first trick or treat Halloween night after we emigrated to the US, and their daddy surprising me on my birthday with a new car. There have been many beach walks, and rainbow chasing  (my girls and I LOVE to chase rainbows when we see “rainbow light”). There’s been losing our beloved dog, Kalee two years ago, and bringing home our beloved puppy, Kelli. There’s been London, Israel, South Africa, Canada and the Caribbean. There’s been ice-cream parties and many, many sleepovers. There’s been colic and fevers and numerous maladies. There’s been big belly laughs and flowing tears, and friends lost and new friends made. There’s been saying goodbye to old teachers and first days of school. Visits from grandparents and scoring that first soccer goal. And today, there’s been Banana Splits!


Educating our Children’s Hearts: Who Cares?

15 06 2012

Oh yes, I do go on about this one! You are on to me.

The reason: Because one day when my daughters grow up and I am no longer around to say it to them, I hope they remember one thing: Yes, I was about the “smarts”, but I was even more about the “kindness”. 

When I was at school they tested our IQ’s every few years.  You never got to know your IQ, but if you were particularly “gifted” in those days, your parents were told, and you were sometimes sent to the prestigious extra-curricula school for the gifted.  If your IQ was not up to par, your parents were informed about this too, and sometimes people called you “stupid”. (This was 30 years ago in South Africa, and both sides of this judgement make me cringe to my core to this very day.) If your IQ was in the “normal” range all was good. Ha! Who cares?

Today it’s more important (certainly to me), to have an EQ!  And roughly translated, and very simply put, Be Kind. Why be a bully? A bully doesn’t only push people around either.  A bully gives people mean looks, or doesn’t speak to some people, only others, or even just tries to make others feel like “crap”.

I remember having a friend who was “gifted”! Boy, was she smart! I hope today she is just as kind as she was smart.  I, on the other hand, was not “gifted”… oh no, I was normal.  Today, though, I know I am “gifted”.  Gifted from God! My heart is open.  Sometimes it hurts like hell to have an open heart, and yes, people do look at me funny sometimes, but who cares? You see, All, I care about, and what I will choose to teach my daughters is THIS one thing:


What next? No, What Now?

14 06 2012

I generally start my day at 5:30 or 6am. This is my best time of the day because I can sip my coffee, read my emails, blogs or a book and sometimes just stare out the window into the emerging daylight.  Sadly, as I do this, I also make my TO DO lists (I am a big list person) and I have always maintained that it is a great way to organize your day, week, month, etc.

Every morning I get my little messages of inspiration from a variety of sources.  As a “struggling” (ha) Life Coach, this part of my day is part of my very fibre.  Some I send on for others, some I just keep to myself and very often I wonder, Why did I get those particular words today? What do I need to learn from this?.

Today, whilst reading a great blog, the author said: Do you enjoy the ride? Or are you always thinking What’s next? What’s on the To Do list? Well, that got me thinking hard, because if I’m always trying to get the To Do list done, then that means I am missing out on someone (a real person) offering a helping hand, or needing some chat time, or a myriad of other people-related opportunites.  What if while I’m crazily driving around trying to get to my next meeting I miss seeing the eagle flying above, or worse still, miss an opportunity to just “be” with my friends and family.

In forty years time, will anyone care if I didn’t get things “done”? No!!! All that will matter is the “now” and yes, all the ToDo’s will be long forgotten!

So for now, I am going to live in the What now? Not the What next?.

Blog inspired by:

5 Lessons I Learned While Living on the Road by Adam Baker