Funny that… I see Rainbows

22 05 2013

rainbow 2

I was at sitting watching my daughter play soccer yesterday when the rain came down in buckets. We were drenched and I confess I was probably the mom complaining the most. I do not like getting wet. I do not like storms. I do not! And then as fast as it had started, the downpour stopped and lo and behold a Rainbow appeared.

And some of the girls said, Turn around. Look, there’s a rainbow.

I started to laugh because this was such a beautiful representation of my life at the moment. Being the kind of person who lives to make others feel happy and loved, I sometimes forget to take care of myself. My personal storms are sometimes very dark and yes, I do not like them.

And then I think of all those people out there who live through tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, cancer, destruction and violence, the worst of storms, and yet their strength and hope in a brighter day, inspires me to believe that God did not create rainbows by mistake!

Yes, as Maya Angelo so eloquently says, “God has put a rainbow in the clouds for you” too.