I have a friend…

2 08 2013

I have a friend. She will remain nameless.

She calls to say hi for no reason. She texts me when she thinks of me. She never forgets a birthday or anniversary. She is never too busy to reach out. When we see each other, five hours spent chatting, feels like one. She sends me notes to remind me that she is there, and when I’m sick, she’s there with a bowl of soup and an offer to watch my kids.

I have a friend. She will remain nameless.

She knows how I think. She knows what hurts my heart and what I believe (albeit vocally and sometimes too passionately) to be right or wrong. She knows that I don’t like spiders or crowds. She knows that I can’t NOT speak up when I see injustice or unkindness.

She knows that I only “see her” when I see her, whether it’s running into her in my sweatpants at Target or in my evening dress at a party, I love her just the same… especially when we both look like #$% and haven’t showered. And she has a cup of Starbucks for me in her hand…

If she is having a bad day she trusts me with her vulnerability and I do the same. We never feel that we need to apologize for the messiness of our houses or the messiness of our lives.

I have a friend. She will remain nameless.

She is beautiful from the inside out. And for that reason, she is my friend. She shines goodness. She knows what it means to human. She is honest, and makes mistakes, and gets mad, and uses swear words all the time, and never stops loving her people.

I have a friend. I have many friends!!! They will NOT remain nameless, because in this moment I recognized them all for who they are, and all they do!

Not just ONE, but ALL!!! My mother always said, Have many friends, not just one BFF. That is how we grow as women. That is how we weave our tapestry of connectiveness, and open-heartedness and strength. That is what girl friends do!!!