Finding my religion

5 09 2013

So I just returned home from possibly the very most beautiful and uplifting Jewish High Holy Day (Rosh Hashanah) service I have attended in all my 40 years. It took me 40 years to be in a Synagogue and to actually feel something deeply. A very dear friend and one of our community leaders was leading this service and as she praised God with magnificent singing, storytelling and prayers, it struck me. Suddenly I didn’t feel like such an ‘orphan’ in a strange land anymore. Suddenly I didn’t feel self conscious or out of my depth anymore. I looked around me. No one cared what I was or wasn’t wearing, no one was there to be seen or to earn brownie points, there were no cliques of people talking amongst themselves. Everyone had a light around them. Every single person, young or old, rich or poor, happy or sad, was being raised up by the energy in that room today.

Now, as many of you know, I love and live for spirituality and philosophy. Since I was a very small child I would ask “What makes us HUMAN?!”. But, today I finally GOT IT! And this was the IT that I got, thanks to my teacher and all the teachers in that room.

Being spiritual is not about anything other than being a loving, kind, beautiful human being. The essence of everything in this world, is this ONE thing… Who did you love today? Who did you reach out to today? Who did you thank today? Who did you praise today? Who did you make feel as if they matter today? Were you kind today?

So, during this time of great upheaval in the World let’s remember that whether we’re Jewish, or Christian or Muslim or Hindu or anything in between, we all have the ‘spark’ of God within us… It’s our choice what we do with it. And as the great Martin Luther King Jr said, “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

Shana Tova or Good Yomtov as some of us say. That means, Have a good year, or Good Good Day!! That is my wish for you!




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5 09 2013
barb dover

La Shana tova to you and your family! XXOO Where did you go for services?

25 09 2014

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Last year I wrote this post and once again I sit here, writing, writing, writing, because quite simply Writing is what I do when I need to let my thoughts flow. And so they flow… My thoughts that is. Sometimes though, I forget that LIFE is a constant flow. Of good and bad, pain and sorrow, Joy and success. And IT IS! Being Jewish for me is more about the Spirit of Love than about anything else. It is about Compassion and about Giving more than you can ever hope to receive in return. It is about introspection, humility and forgiveness. It is about hope, kindness and friendship to all people. It, really, simply, truly boils down to this one thing: In the magnificent words of Rabbi Jonathon Sacks, “I am a Jew because despite suffering the greatest poverty, we aim to continue to help and fight for Justice for the oppressed, the disabled, and the prejudiced. We don’t do this for praise or congratulation, but because it’s a mitzvah because a Jew could do no less. And we continue to teach this to our children, we look for these moments within our own families and outside in the world.”

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