Hey, I love you

19 12 2013

I really thought that I had written my last blog from New York a few weeks ago, but then I realized that I wasn’t quite done for 2013 yet.

So this is what I want to say to you all, wherever you are in the world right now. I LOVE YOU!

We lost Nelson Mandela almost two weeks ago. I think you all know that I’m South African. Well, for a full week I cried. Really, really cried. I felt so sad. When people spoke to me about anything, I kept wanting to say to them, ‘Hey, Nelson Mandela died. I can’t speak about anything else right now’. It felt like a part of me had died! Was it that part of me that was a young child growing up in Apartheid South Africa in the 70’s and 80’s? Was it the young, idealist Social Worker who was terrified and exhilarated the first time she went into a township? Was it the young mom who still remembers the way I handed my newborn to her beloved nanny, Olga, for the first time and said ‘Gaga, meet our baby girl!”

I have read every article, blog and watched every video saying goodbye to Madiba. I have had to say my own personal goodbye to someone whom I met for a brief moment in time, but who changed my life forever. I will never, ever, as long as I live, stop thanking God for giving me the opportunity to meet Madiba and shake his hand and share in his incredible energy.

As I cried, I realized one thing. Parts of us never die. They just evolve. They transform, They use the stepping stones of life’s journey and they move on. But, they do not die! Whatever it is that we put out into the world, DOES NOT DIE!!

And then, as with every loss, we need to move on. We need to see the sun come out, and the promise of a new day beckon. We need to know that the sadness will always be there a little bit, but that there is something MORE to do.

My More To Do is pretty simple. Love Yourself. Love Your Life. Love Your People. Because really, when you boil it all down to it’s barest essence, that’s really all that matters!!

Turn to that person sitting next to you right now.

Here goes mine:

Hey babe, I love you! Hey Courtney and Tayla, I love you! Hey, Mom and Dad, I love you. Hey My Friends, I love you!!!





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