Mystic and Missionary.

29 01 2014

“Who are you in the stillness of the night, the dusty corners of your day, or in the sigh of the deepest breath?” -Meg Lawton.

In the stillness of the night I am a forty-something year old woman worrying about losing those extra pounds. In the dusty corners of the day, I am a mother, thinking about my daughter who is starting Middle School, or about whether to let my girls play premier league soccer or what I will make for dinner, or how to balance the budget.

And in the sigh of my deepest breath:

I an a soul seeker searching for the next road sign in my journey.
I am a lighthouse, sometimes bright and sometimes dim.
I am a daughter who wishes that her parents did not live so far away.
I am a feeler of so many feelings (even though they are sometimes not even my own).
I am a humanitarian; loving people deeply, yet feeling deeply saddened by those very people;
I am a writer and a poet, but the words keep flowing in, and then ebbing away. I cannot catch them no matter how hard I try,
I am the same and yet I am very different.
I try too hard sometimes.
I get angry and depressed and a little crazy. Often!
I am happy when I’m helping and healing and living my truth;
My friends are beautiful women, each one of them. I see the beauty in them, but not so much in myself.
I tell myself that I don’t need anyone to make me ‘whole’ but then again, I wonder… perhaps brokenness never really heals.
I feel God close by all the time, yet I get lost in my head and sometimes lose my heart. I guess We all do!
I wish and I wonder and I dream and I know, but I am not always sure why I do all those things.
So, who am I? Who are we all?
And this is what I realized today. If my prayer to God is to Use Me to do His Work, well, then, THAT is really my mission on this Earth.
My name is Sharice and I’m a Mystic and a Missionary.
Pleased to meet you!




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