PLEASE Show your face!

22 07 2014

I had a dream last night. In my dream I met a friend. I can’t remember her name but I definitely recognized her as someone I “once knew”. She turned her face away from me, and said, as clear as if we were talking in the light of day. “I am scared to show my real face. I am terrified to be authentic for fear that others will judge me or hate me…I feel so vulnerable.” I took her hand and I said to her “Never be scared to show your true face. You are Beautiful. It is safe to be YOU!”

And then I woke up. But you know those dreams that follow you around like a lost pet. I thought about it as I met a friend for brunch. I thought about it as I did my grocery shopping and I thought about it as I counseled someone very dear to me. I couldn’t stop thinking about THAT DREAM!

I asked myself the question: Why today when I’m trying really hard to just be ‘normal’? Geez, people, Normal is What Everyone Wants Out Of Life, right? How many times I’ve wanted to shout out, People, Show Me Real! But, then I remember that Showing your true face, behind all the layers of seemingly ‘perfectly Instragramable Facebookable” lives, is just so NOT in fashion right now. And it makes me think that I can play ball with the best of them, baby. I CAN SO do the “Hi. How are you? Keep it Superficial Please! Life, with the best of them. I can. I can.

But then I can’t. Because I always get sent that one special person who says: Thank you for helping me find the Courage To Be Authentic. And When they say that to me, I just have to be Brave Again!

If I had to go back into that glorious dream I had last night, I would take my friend’s hand and say, Thank you. I’d say that I do recognize “her” because She is me! She is the part of me that finds this incredible Journey on the Road to Realness more terrifying than ever, but oh so worthwhile. You know what else I’d say? I’d say Thank You for coming to me when I needed to remember Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly words, “I learned that this shield was too heavy to lug around, and that the only thing it really did was keep me from knowing myself and letting myself be known. The shield required that I stay small and quiet behind it, so as not to draw attention to my imperfections and vulnerabilities. It was exhausting.”

And then I’d say to me, or to you, or you or you, Show Your Face Beautiful. Your Soul is perfect and gorgeous and shining bright. Just Drop that crazy, heavy, painful Shield and Stand In Your Awesome Light. It’s really not that scary, after all!