20 10 2015

I had to record this date. Maybe because I had “a moment” of crystal clear clarity today.

Today I had my lightbulb moment!! I decided to focus on the women in my life who are powerful, strong, fearless and passionate. I remembered someone who inspired me a long time ago saying to me: “Dream Big!! Be strong and don’t be afraid to live your dreams out loud!” You don’t need anyone to give you permission or hold your hand. Be Strong.” Well, today, I realized that to be strong you have to have courage and to have courage you have to be BRAVE. It’s really quite simple.

I watched something called “Belief”, a documentary on The OWN channel last night. A powerful moment was when a female interviewee said, “What do I believe? I don’t really know what I believe, because I am empty. I am alone. My spirituality is “non existent”. I loved her honesty because I know that we have all felt distant from our spiritual selves at various times of our lives. Belief seems very far away at those times!

And then, hopefully, we find some “thing”. I’m not really sure what to call it. God? Yes. Love? Yes. Passion? Yes. For me, it’s 3 words; God is Love! For me, my Spirit, my Soul comes alive on the streets when I am able to love unconditionally and be loved the same way. Like the 5 homeless, beautiful women we met last week on Search and Rescue who taught me about extreme courage even in spite of extreme hardship.  I guess this girl from South Africa (me) always carried a remnant of the old fear around my neck, like a heavy burden, except the fear was of myself. Today I realized that I have nothing to fear. I can be all I want to be… wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, writer, poet, humanitarian, life coach, social worker, advocate, entrepreneur, dreamer, soul-seeker and freedom fighter. And yes, if I want to, I can even be a bitch. That’s ok too. The strong, powerful women in my life always have my back. They will always be there to remind me by their example, of my strength, my bravery and my grit, and I’m proud to say, my newfound “badassery”… But first, I will sit here quietly, be grateful for my blessed life, and remind myself of what it means to be brave. I hope this reminds you to be brave too!!





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